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House in Hahndorf

Local Hahndorf historian Reg Butler, has produced ‘The Hahndorf Allotments Database’. This is a resource that tracks the ownership of Hahndorf land from 1839 to modern times. It has been said that merging the original complex Prussian hufendorf design with a modern Torrens Title system has produced the most complicated town plan in South Australia.

The block owned by the youngest daughter of JSG Hoffmann, our Auntie Pauline, is clearly defined, later being subdivided into two blocks by Victor Klose in 1950.

1859 – August Guthwasser (occ. tinman)
1869 – Pauline Paech (nee Hoffmann, previously of Friedrichstadt, Widow of Friedrich Paech, occ. farmer.)
1873 – Wilhelm Paech  (occ. farmer, and brother- in- law of Pauline) & Pauline Weyland (widow Paech and nee Hoffmann)
1877a – Wilhelm Paech (occ. farmer) & Hermann Storch (occ. tanner,  nephew of Pauline, from Grunthal.)
1877b – Wilhelm Strempel (teacher)

Auntie Pauline died under questionable circumstances at Grunthal in 1874, hence the change of ownership in 1877.

I’m not sure of the history of the buildings now on the blocks at Lot 46 Auricht Rd Hahndorf. I’m looking forward to having a cup of coffee at the main road facing ‘Chocolate at #5’ and thinking about what it all might have been like around 150 years ago…


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