Doctor R. H. Schlink

Doctor Schlink was the physician for JSG Hoffmann’s rheumatoid ailments in 1911.

The feature image of the  Schlink family is from “A Tale of Twin Cities” by Desmond Martin. Albert Schlink (the Doctor’s father) in 1871 founded a general store at the southern end High Street which was eventually replaced by a  Coles Supermarket. Herbert, the seventh of his eight children (born 1881) is thought to be the only Wodonga born person to have been knighted.


DR. R. H. SCHLINK After two years’ illness, the death occurred at his home on the corner of Elizabeth and Stanley street, Albury, on Friday morning, of Dr. Rudolph Herbert Schlink, who was one of the most experienced medical men in the Wodonga and Albury districts for more than 40 years

Dr. E. H. Schlinks’ parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schlink, were early settlers in the Wodonga district, where they arrived about 1863. Dr. Schlink was born on the farm, a few miles from Wodonga, in 1868. Later Mr. Albert Schlink established a general store at Wodonga. which is still carried, on by his son Albert.
Dr. Schlink received his early education at Wodonga and Albury Catholic schools, and then went to St. Patrick’s College, Goulburn. After matriculating at Goulburn, he went to Germany, where his uncles were living. He studied in three German universities and obtained his medical degrees at Berlin. This, training, together with his own natural ability, marked his as an outstanding member of his profession.

Returning to Australia, Dr. Schlink commenced practice at Wodonga, and over 30 years later disposed of the practice and came to Albury, where he established his home and surgery at the residence of the late Mr. G. A. Thompson, at the corner of Hume street and Wodonga Place. Dr. J. Noel Brown entered into partnership with him a few years ago. The partnership was dissolved when, owing to continued ill-health, Dr. Schlink retired six months ago; after fulfilling for more than 40 years the position of physician and surgeon to many people in the Riverina and north-eastern districts. On his. retirement Dr. Schlink lived privately in Albury. Confident of Albury ‘s future, Dr. Schlink invested in property, including part ownership of the Central Private Hotel, and was interested in mining ventures and general speculations. He made a host of friends -in Wodonga and Albury districts.

Dr. R. H. Schlink is survived by his widow (nee Miss Selle), two daughters, Mrs, Martin Webb, of Donald (Vic.) and Miss Elsa Schlink, of Albury; three brothers, Dr. Herbert Schlink, the Macquarie-street, specialist, who returns from abroad next week, Mr. Albert Schlink, of Wodonga, and Mr. Clem Schlink, who is living in Germany; and one sister, Mrs. William Ryan, of Sydney.

Representatives of all sections of the community attended the funeral from St. Patrick’s Church, Albury, on Saturday, to the family grave at Wodonga cemetery. The casket ”was carried to the grave by Doctors Conway Macknight, B. A. Robertson, J. Noel Brown, F. Grant, H. iC. AVorch, and L. S. Woods, and the pallbearers were Messrs. AV. Trudewind, M. Martin, H. Dunn, J. Prow, Ar. Flood Nagle and H. F. Jackson. The chief mourners were Mr. Albert Schlink (brother), Mr. H. Trudewind (uncle), Dr. Chenall (nephew), Sydney, and Mr. M. Webb (son-in-law), Donald (Aric). The burial service was read by Rev. Dr. F. Flynn, of Yarrawonga (who had been a close friend of Dr. Schlink for over 30 years and was formerly parish priest at Wodonga), who was assisted by Very Rev. Father T. Awburn (parish priest of Wodonga). Many floral tributes were placed on the grave.

From: Albury Banner and Wodonga Express) Fri 1 Oct 1937 Page 12

It is likely JSG was being treated in Wodonga. Interesting to note the residence in Albury (cnr. of at the southern Hume street and Wodonga Place) which changed its name from ‘Caerleon’ to ‘Ranelagh’ but was demolished in July 1958. It is now Alessi Motors.

Wodonga had it’s first hospital built in 1907. Called ‘Camborne’ it was a ‘spacious brick villa’ with three of the nine rooms being used as wards, each comfortable and well-ventilated.
Dr Schlink was extremely well-pleased with the hospital, its bathroom and up-to-date equipment. He was also pleased the hospital had water laid on.

The Wodonga and Towong Sentinel reported that: “with the most skilful medical attention, a capable, bright and cheerful nurse whose credentials and experience were of the highest order, and scrupulously clean and comfortable quarters, patients have every chance of making a rapid recovery.

“It is no exaggeration to say that no better hospital accommodation will be found in the Commonwealth. “Camborne is an ideal hospital site, while the building could not possibly be excelled. The hospital is an up-to-date institution.”

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